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In my last Journal post I mentioned that I was taking part in an Original Character Tournament called Safe-by-Sunset.

I recently finished my round 1 submission and a preview of this can be found here:

Like I have said in this preview submission, I intend to post irregular updates regarding SbS as soon as each chapter is completed. The main hub for Safe-by-Sunset can only be found on DeviantArt as of this writing.

The entirety of the SbS comic, as well as submissions by the other competitors can be found on DeviantArt.

As for other projects, I intend to produce some sporadic art throughout the rest of the month. The Second round of SbS is likely to begin in May, so this leaves a lot of time for me to be productive in other areas.

Expect to see other submission such as this:

in the upcoming months. I have some fun ideas of things I want to draw for May.

I'm also considering starting work on some game projects, since that's what my education was building towards before Covid lockdowns MURDERED my enthusiasm. Ill try to produce some prototypes for game ideas I've had. No idea how well that's going to go, but I need to start at some point.

Mentally I guess I've been doing better. Now that the task of producing a seven page comic is off my chest I suppose I have no excuse to not try and improve my well-being. The year is still long, and I don't know what the future holds for me.

Maybe things will be better this time...

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